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Mertie's This and That 
 located on FM 521, just east of the San Bernard River bridge.

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 11:00 - 5:00 

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Valerie's Directions to those Familiar with Brazoria

From West Columbia, take Hwy 36 south through Brazoria to the red light just before McCoy's and the Buckee's on the south end of town (not the one on the north end!) Turn onto the west fork, Hwy 521. Mertie's is on the right/north side just before the San Bernard River bridge.

If you are coming up from Lake Jackson, you can go through the mall area on Oyster Creek/Hwy 332 to Brazoria, turn left/south on Hwy 36 through Brazoria to the red light that looks like a fork in the road.  Take the right/west fork. That is Hwy 521. Look for Mertie's on the right  before you reach the Bernard River bridge.

Or you can take FM 2004 west out of Lake Jackson to the light at Hwy 36 (that is the one at Jones Creek and Clements Unit TDCJ), turn north to Brazoria. Just past McCoys is a red light. Turn left at the light onto Hwy 521. Mertie's is on the right just before the San Bernard River Bridge.

From Bay City, take Hwy 35 east to FM 457 (right fork) on the eastern side of Bay City. Take FM 457 southeast to FM 521. Turn left/east, cross the San Bernard River Bridge and start looking for Mertie's on the left, just past the feed store.

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