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Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Much has happened during the last months when no new posts were made.

For one thing, Blogger went to an https url. All the old blog posts were left unpublished and in draft form. 

Mertie decided to close her store and retire. That happened almost a year ago.
A sign used in this blog

Other changes in the neighborhood have occurred, too. Farmhouse Salvage closed, as did Gifts and Gadgets and English Garden Florists. Rambling Rose Antiques is still going strong.

The antique dealers in area are still on Facebook and actively sharing ideas for re-purposing junque and displaying their recent antique finds and refinished items. Some of their stores have moved, but the network is still strong. You can visit them on Facebook at Antiquing Brazoria and surrounding counties and the website of the same group Antiquing Brazoria County.

Store front of Mertie's This and That on a spring day.
I became an inactive blogger as my elderly father needed more attention. Now I am back freelancing and hopefully blogging.

I looked back over the pages written for this blog and thought that some of them should be kept but updated. Perhaps I will make a summary of some on Valerie's Memos or Valerie's Soapbox. Updating the articles with references to thrift shops, antique shops, and other vintage dealers would work, right?

And there are the posts on the lady statue in Brazoria that is made from car parts and dressed in seasonal outfits that I always planned to write, but never did. We will see what happens.
To your right as you came through the door

Anyway, Mertie is still active on Facebook, in her church, and out and about in her neighborhood. And she is still as lovely as ever, both inside and out. I will always be grateful for all she taught me about the resale business and for the chance to write these blog posts.She is a great mentor and friend.

To your left as you came through the door

Good-bye, y'all. See ya around the internet.