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Monday, April 20, 2015

Spruce up your Yard for Spring

Unique Yard Decor

Spring flowers are blooming. Many yards have colorful flowerbeds, hanging pots with ferns and flowering vines, large, decorative pots with additional flowers, ivy, ferns and more. Driving around town has become a journey into beauty.

I live in Sweeny, TX, where there are yards that, besides being beautiful, have unique yard art decor. Take a look. Porches have homemade benches, benches in yards have stone foot rests, and vintage items have been strategically placed to make the yards stand out. Together, these yards make driving around town sheer pleasure.

A bench made from an old bed's head and foot boards supports potted plants and a metal sculpture.

Made to place in a flowerbed is this combination of vintage china and crystal. Thanks to a local artisan for her imaginative upcycle of these discarded items.

Have a collection of ceramic buildings? Display them where we the public can enjoy them, too.

More buildings on display. I find this yard so intriguing. I drive by it often just to gaze at the collection. It always makes me smile, even in rotten weather. Its entire front yard has been landscaped into a flower bed with small paths running through it.

Vintage items of our childhood foster memories of adventures taken. Seen from the street, the bike, the tree and the house look inviting and promote smiles.
These ceramic hens set off the potted plants.

A truck frame in a front yard becomes a pocket garden for flowers and other greenery. Do you see the hens?

Rest your feet on the stone in front of this bench.

Another collection of houses in yet another yard. This yard has been landscaped beautifully. This tiny portion just hints at the lushness of the roses, trellis, and greenery. 

A tiny corner of this side patio with yard art making an interesting vignette . Not shown is the central air conditioning unit at the edge of this pocket garden.

Here in Texas, we are used to the wall art on garages, sheds and fences. Add other items throughout the yard placed strategically in flower beds and the yards become small havens of lush beauty and eye-catching interest.
Take a drive around your town to locate your own examples of these intriguing yards.

Fix up your own yards. At Mertie's This and That you will find many vintage items that you can use. There are plants and pots as well as outdoor wall art. There are vintage items that can be repurposed. Looking for something special? Mertie can suggest other shops where you might find it.

If you do not find it at Mertie's This and That, pick up the directory of vintage and antique stores in the Brazoria County area. Yes, Mertie is a member of Antiquing Brazoria County. Look for her webpage at the site under the Brazoria link.