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Friday, March 6, 2015

Ever thought about an Earthship Home?

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This image is copied from The Montana Earthship is, to me, very attractive. The right wing must be the quintessential greenhouse that is a major part of the sustainability of an Earthship home.The pretty part on the left side looks like a 2 car garage and the front entrance.

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Features of an Earthship Home

From what I have seen of pictures of earthships online, the homes are made of rammed earth contained within walls of recycled rubber tires, fronted by a greenhouse-pond that makes the south wall and hallway that runs the length of the home. The area behind the greenhouse-pond is covered with a mound of earth and often planted with grass or small ground covers. The roof of the greenhouse-pond holds the solar cells. Cisterns collect rain water; toilets are of the composting type; and heating is accomplished by passive and active solar techniques. Cooling is accomplished by burying the home within an earthen mound and controlling the angle of the southern-facing wall of the greenhouse-pond area. Stone flooring along the front hall collects heat from the winter sun, while the pond area collects heat all year round, its humidity cooling the interior in the summer. Talapia are grown in the pond in some homes; vegetables and fruits are grown in the greenhouse. Much of the water is recycled within the home. An outside marshy pond with specific plants is used to clean used water.

If any of these ideas interest you, do read more about the Earthship. So many of these ideas are being used in modern architecture these days.

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