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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Decorating Rooms in Rehab and Assisted Living Facilities


Why it Matters


My dad is currently in a rehab center after being hospitalized for the requisite 3 days at the age of 87. What surprised me the most on my first visit to the rehab center was the way patients' rooms were decorated. Families were encouraged to bring personal items to make the patient feel more at home. No glass was allowed, but other wall hangings were welcomed. Small furniture pieces likes chairs and bedside tables were ok, too, along with TVs. Personal linens were allowed. If the family wanted to take laundry home, then small hampers or baskets were encouraged. Of course, all items must be labeled and added to the patient's inventory.

We found that providing a hamper meant that the staff thought we wanted to take laundry home. We removed it once the message became clear and let the staff deal with the laundry.  

We also found that plastic cups and a few melamine dishes
Hampers at Mertie's This and That
allowed my dad to drink drinks and eat snacks we brought from home. Just drinking the provided water and juices were not enticing enough to keep him hydrated, and we all enjoyed a cheeseburger together. A few sugar-free cookies were kept around for his snacking during the day, providing another chance to give him liquids as we seldom eat without drinking something.

In patients' room, I saw Texan crosses, small framed prints, non-glass vases, and colorful spreads and quilts. Bed were rearranged to make the room cozier.  Small chests doubled as TV stands. The effect was often quite lovely.

Shop Mertie's This and That for Decorating Rooms at Rehab and Assisted Living Centers otherwise known as Nursing Homes; Bring Cheer to your Loved One


A few of the crosses at Mertie's This and That.
Don't forget to look at the framed prints, too!
Mertie's This and That has the framed wall prints,
Texas crosses, knick knacks, spreads, and quilts that will make a room cozier for your family member. Being vintage, these items will feel like home. Being inexpensive, you won't have to worry if they get lost or damaged. Being used to decorate the hospital-like rooms to give the feel of home, priceless.

And for the items that do make it home, the sense of continuity might help in the reacclimation to home. 

Small chairs that could be used in a nursing home room for guest seating. The folding wicker table and chairs could be stored in the closet when not in use, as could the folding wooden chairs. The Bentwood rocker would be more useful for guests than the patient / resident. The throw behind the wicker table and chairs and the run on the floor are other useful items to make the rooms cozier. Throws are useful for the bed and taking the chill off when sitting up. All these and more are (or have been) at Mertie's This and That.

Let this wall hanging or tray cheer up your loved one. Look for metal tins for storing those cookies, too.

Quilts, throws, and spreads abound at Mertie's This and That.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gift Baskets and Toys

Valentine's Day and Easter


Valentine's Day is upon us; Easter is right around the corner. Gifts to loved ones are needed for both occasions.  

Time to shop!!

Here at Mertie's This and That are gifts perfect for each occasion. Seller's Mercantile offers homemade soaps, scents, and dog treats. Cat's Cradle offers gift baskets with Dimple Drop decorative soaps. 

 Build your own Gift Basket

Coskrey Biz has vintage vases and bowls perfect for filling with your choice of small items--perfumes, collectable spoons, knick knacks, soaps, and more--found throughout the store. Here are scores of items that are sure to please those on your gift list.

Buy for the Kids

And there are toys for children: classic dolls, blocks, stuffed animals, and games.

Shop Mertie's for those vintage items that have pleased so many people for so many years. 

Don't Forget the Plants

Be sure to look at the potted plants and vintage pots. Plants make fantastic gifts, too! Mertie's plants are acclimated to the climate of Brazoria County, Texas.