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Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Comfort of Vintage Furnishings

"Everything you buy for the home — furniture, rugs, lighting, artwork — can be plotted on an historical timeline and affixed with labels like "contemporary", "antique", "vintage" or "retro". An item's age is a key determinant of its value, considered alongside its condition, quality, and relative rarity. And the age of an item is evaluated not only in terms of its actual date of origin but also in the context of contemporary fashions and socioeconomic trends. For example, in lean economic times there may be nostalgia for decades associated with comfort and stability." (emphasis is my own)

Comfort derived from vintage items, that describes just about everything found at Mertie's This and That. Just think how pleasant the winter will be with older treasures surrounding you. Come by; enjoy a good browse; and go home with items that will add to the ambiance of your home.

Are you redecorating rental property, maybe a beach house? Mertie's has plenty of items perfect for smaller spaces and kitchen goods to furnish a kitchen for a renter's or vacationer's use. High quality items at lower prices--the advantage of shopping an upscale, vintage resale shop.

Organizing for the new year? Get baskets, boxes, small bookcases and shelves here. Add a versatile dresser for the hall or entryway to store more stuff.

Many items are on sale. Sale prices range from 20-50% off.

If you see something you like in this blog, hurry. Items sell quickly.

Notice to Readers: Blog posts will now be scheduled for 1st and 3rd Fridays. I have added the care of my elderly father to my schedule and have had to make some changes to when I write. Hope the new timing will encourage you to shop on Saturday!~~Valerie