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Monday, June 16, 2014

Get Ready for Summer Weddings, Grand Events, and other Parties

What to Wear

For that special event when you want a dress to wear only once, why not search an upscale used clothing shop. Mertie's This and That offers some beautiful, timeless, party dresses and mother-of-the-bride dresses worn so few times as to seem brand new. Hats and purses are available, too.

Look for casual wear and jewelry at Mertie's This and That.

Decorating for a Party

Vintage glassware can be used to decorate for a party, both inside and out. You will pay so little for it that it becomes almost disposable, except that it is beautiful to throw out. There are some pieces that I will keep for years because it gives me pleasure to look at it on the shelf.

Try your hand at using the glassware to create a unique centerpiece for the table. Mix and match. Serving dishes work equally well inside and out.

Much of the vintage glassware is currently on sale.  Be sure to shop both sides of the store!

Monday, June 2, 2014

3 Gardens in West Columbia, TX

Gaillardia pulchella, known here in Texas as Indian Blanket, blooming in the Capitol of Texas Park, Hwy 35.

Gaillardia pulchella

Texas and its Native Plants

Bluebonnets in the
Capitol of Texas lPark
Bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrushes and Indian Blankets appear in  Texas in successive bloom from February to June. These wildflowers self-seed to make the annuals appear each year. You see them on roadsides, in fields, and in planted gardens, welcoming Spring. Texans are proud of the annual show and fill magazines and pamphlets with photos of these flowers--often with people cavorting amidst the colorful displays.

Native plants offer more than just beauty. They are home to native creatures, especially the native pollinators.  They feed and shelter the insects, bats, small mammals, and birds that flit through the foliage, eating nectar and spreading the pollen of the native flowers around to ensure seeds for the next generation.
Society Garlic and
Prickly Pear Cactus in
Discovery/Butterfly Garden

Knowing that cityscapes have encroached on the natural habitats of many pollinators, groups have taken to planting "butterfly gardens" and "pollinator gardens" in strategic areas.

As in many cities and towns of Texas, in West Columbia, TX, among the flower-laden yards of homes are a Prayer Garden at the local Episcopal Church, a multitude of landscaped businesses, and several city gardens. There is even a walking trail through a natural wood.
Firecracker plant in the Discovery/Butterfly Garden

These small gardens all play their part in helping preserve the migratory routes of birds and butterflies, and providing homes for pollinators.

More wildflowers in the CTP

The Capitol of Texas Park, the Discovery/Butterfly Garden, and the Historical Museum Garden

This is just half of the Capitol of Texas Park.
The flowers are at the end of the park.
Located on Highway 35 in downtown West Columbia are the Capitol of Texas  Park (CTP) and the Historical Museum Garden (HMG), a name I call the garden next to the Historical Museum.

Visit the City of West Columbia website for more park information.     
Be sure to visit this page, too.
And don't forget this page! 

The CTP lies along the front of the Walgreens parking lot. A portion of it is planted in wildflowers, while most of it is pillared with stories of Texan heroes and historic events. The flags of Texas flutter in the breeze.

Inside the HMG, Looking at the Fountain and Rock Mock Stream.
The HMG is tucked between the Historical Museum and its neighboring building. It is best reached from the parking lot behind the museum. Just follow the sound of its fountain with its fall of water.

Across the street from the parking lot is a huge, old, oak tree that shades an entire empty lot. Next to the parking lot is the oldest standing school building in West Columbia, itself a city museum and its yard a park.
Back Entrance to the Hsstorical Museum Garden

Native Texan Flowering Plants in the Discovery/Butterfly Garden
In the First Capital Park  of West Columbia, TX, is the newly planted Discovery/Butterfly Garden. Developed with a grant from TNMP, this garden is alongside the walking trail in the back NE corner of the park, across from the pond and the woods.

The Discovery/Butterfly Garden contains over a dozen Texan native plants chosen specifically to attract butterflies.

The plants were also chosen to exhibit flowers from February through the fall season.  Many will have colorful berries to delight the sight and feed the fauna after the blooms fade.
The Discovery/Butterfly Garden from the back side. Photo taken after a torrential rain. Volunteers to maintain the garden are asked to contact Valerie.
Get Potted Plants & Stuff  at Mertie's This and That

Mertie's This and That Welcomes Spring with its Garden Accessories and Plants

Mertie has a nursery license and sells flowering plants for your garden. Many of these plants will attract pollinators, especially butterflies, to your yard.

The rustic benches, hanging garden accessories, interesting pots, plant stands, and garden bric a brac are just waiting for you to use in enhancing the beauty of your home flower garden.

Once you visit the gardens in West Columbia, just turn onto Highway 36, pass through Brazoria and take FM 521 towards Mims. Located on the right just before the San Bernard Bridge, Mertie's This and That is open Tu-Sat, from 11-5.