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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mertie's This and That Welcomes the Resale Shop Farmhouse Salvage to Brazoria, TX

About Farmhouse Salvage, Brazoria, TX


North Wall of Farmhouse Salvage
What do you do with old stuff? Sites like, dirtgirlworld on Facebook, and HGTV all encourage decorating with old stuff. After all, "One man's junk is another man's treasure," as the saying goes. These sites are chock full of wonderful ideas for repurposing old items.

Where do you get all the old stuff that can be turned into such treasures? There are antique, collectables, and resale shops in Brazoria, TX. Each shop comes with its own unique collections of used items worthy of resuse, repurpose, and recycling with reasonable prices.
Chris, owner, Farmhouse Salvage

salvaged wood, screens, doors, windows
One such store that specializes in old sinks, doorknobs, woodwork, doors, and window casings is Farmhouse Salvage. Located in Brazoria, TX, on Hwy 36 just south of the railroad tracks, it is the old hardware store with the mural on the north wall. The store is only open from Thursday through Saturday, since Chris, the owner, goes on salvaging trips earlier in the week. But on those days when the store is open, she
A few items for sale at Farmhouse Salvage
can often be found on the sidewalk outside cleaning, sanding, hammering, trimming, and staining her finds to get them ready for sale.

Beadboard, sink & chandelier
work, making this a
cozy bathroom. What you
do not see is the
stained glass window,
the old shelf and knick knacks
above the toilet, &
the mural on the
wall to the right.
Inside the store, all is neat and clean, with corners decorated as old-timey rooms and storage areas. A bathroom, designed by Chris and made from old, reclaimed lumber and tin panels with an ancient sink and newer toilet, competes with Buc ee's-- another Brazoria, TX, original--for interest and cleanliness.

Ideas for decorating rooms with beadboard and old window frames are displayed in her unique decorating style. Some of her finds are used by local artisans who repurpose such finds as old windows into hanging racks, holders of stained glass art and flowers, pot racks or coat racks. Many of the items are then sold in the store.

salvaged hardware
Chris opened the store this past July because she loves old stuff, believing that some items were just made to a higher quality standard in the past. Plus, being surrounded by the salvaged items makes her feel closer to her grandmother. Refurbishing and refinishing older items had long been a hobby, now it is her joy to share it with others.

Even the location is special. Her husband's grandparents had once owned the building and its hardware store. Now the building is once more owned by family and sells vintage hardware items. And, yes, in the tradition of old country stores, there is an old Coke machine and a place to sit and visit.

You can see more of this store on Facebook. Let Chris know if you need an item and she will keep an eye out for you should she come across it. Also, let her know you read about her in this blog. And be sure to tell Mertie!

About Mertie's This and That in Brazoria, TX


After visiting Chris at Farmhouse Salvage, continue on down the road to Hwy 521, go west just a couple of miles to Mertie's This and That. There are plenty of plants to put in the old sinks and flower pots; plenty of artificial flower and leaves to trim the window frames along with paintings and prints to go in the frames; plenty of older furniture to fill out your newly remodeled room; and more vintage items to complete your shopping experience. 

Many items are on sale. Shop Now!
Watch for the sets of items on sale. Right now, glassware, shoes, and more are on sale.

The lovely, hand-painted bench below is built from reclaimed wood. The plants are all cacti in reused containers. Just another sample of the great finds at Mertie's This and That.
Cacti and painted bench of reclaimed wood at Merties This and That, Brazoria, TX.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Get Ready for Spring

Get your Mardi Gras beads here.
This week we are having a cold snap along the SE Texas coastal region. But the Mardi Gras festivities in New Orleans remind us that Spring is near. Here at Mertie's This and That we have just what you need to celebrate warmer days.

Use those Mardi Gras beads wound around light strands to bring a glow to your porch. Set rocking chairs on the porch. Put a small table and chairs outside for eating in the spring sun. Mertie has cleverly designed cake and appetizer servers to use with festive tea sets.
Tea cart decked out for patio service
Dishes for desserts and appetizers

Make  your outdoor or indoor meals and snacks more fun with these springtime accessories.

Mertie's has patio furniture and plenty of pots for your yard garden. There are plants, too.

A porch or patio ready for entertaining.
A breakfast nook ready for spring.
 And don't forget to pick up a few new outfits to make you feel fresh and cool.

There are pillows, rocking chairs, and clothes in addition to pots and pans just waiting to be enjoyed during your next BBQ Texas Style.