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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Getting Succulents Ready for Spring

Aloe Vera and other Succulents

At Mertie's This and That, Mertie is getting her plants ready
Aloe vera and other succulents at Merties This and That
for spring. Many of the plants at this licensed mini-nursery are succulents of the cactus sort and Aloe vera. While there last week I asked Mertie about the baby plants in the pots, the pups that had grown up around the mother plant. She said that part of getting ready for spring was re-potting some of the succulents and removing and potting the new shoots, the pups.

That got me interested in how to care for an Aloe vera plant since my neighbor had planted a flower bed with 6 of them just last year. A quick internet search netted a site called Aloe Plant, from which I found the name pups for the shoots, that had several articles on the care of this useful and beautiful plant. From this site I discovered that
 Each of these ideas were surrounded with more information
on the care of Aloe vera plants.
More succulants

 I also found a site that talked about the many uses of Aloe vera, medicinal, cosmetic and culinary. To me he most fascinating bit of information I found was that Aloe vera contained vitamins, minerals and 20 amino acids. Preparing the nutritious gel for food or drink was tricky, though, since the yellow sap was not good for you. Yes, instructions were provided.

And don't you just love how plants freshen the air of your home?

Oh! 3 bougainvillea in full bloom--a sight to look forward to.
Another chore Mertie plans for February is to prune the bougainvillea. Among the plants needing care now that winter is almost over are the ferns and cacti that she grows and sells. Mertie will also be adding to her plant collection over the next few weeks so there should be plenty of plants to purchase when you shop there. 

And don't forget the many and varied pots and glassware or pottery that will convert to pots. It is time to plant that kitchen herb garden and add interest to both indoors and out. For your yard and home, Mertie has furniture, plant stands, decorative pots and decorative knick knacks that will freshen your decor for spring.

Inventive planter
A plant wall
A tiered-teapot planter make a unique statement and reuses items of beauty but limited usefulness in today's busy kitchens with microwave ovens and single-cup coffee pots.

An old baker's rack becomes a frame for a plant wall, a new craze in indoor gardening which works just as well on a fence as it does on a wall.