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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gift Baskets and Toys

Valentine's Day and Easter


Valentine's Day is upon us; Easter is right around the corner. Gifts to loved ones are needed for both occasions.  

Time to shop!!

Here at Mertie's This and That are gifts perfect for each occasion. Seller's Mercantile offers homemade soaps, scents, and dog treats. Cat's Cradle offers gift baskets with Dimple Drop decorative soaps. 

 Build your own Gift Basket

Coskrey Biz has vintage vases and bowls perfect for filling with your choice of small items--perfumes, collectable spoons, knick knacks, soaps, and more--found throughout the store. Here are scores of items that are sure to please those on your gift list.

Buy for the Kids

And there are toys for children: classic dolls, blocks, stuffed animals, and games.

Shop Mertie's for those vintage items that have pleased so many people for so many years. 

Don't Forget the Plants

Be sure to look at the potted plants and vintage pots. Plants make fantastic gifts, too! Mertie's plants are acclimated to the climate of Brazoria County, Texas.

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