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Friday, December 5, 2014

Beautiful Music

Listening to a few of my Favorite Songs

I just spent hours on YouTube listening to music. I do this every now and then, as many of us do.

This time I got to comparing songs done by different artists. I quickly learned that although some artists have such beautiful voices, it is ultimately the song that shines through. However, there are some singers that really are superb. 

My song explorations ranged from Prince with Purple Rain as done in the movie by that name to the Animals doing House of the Rising Sun on The Ed Sullivan Show. Then I wanted to hear The Rose. The very best version is the one accredited to Janice Joplin but was actually Bett Middler doing Joplin in the movie The Rose. But I was totally surprised to find a violin version done with an orchestral background that was so beautiful, you must all visit the site to hear it. 

Later I listened to Elvis do Bridge over Troubled Waters, compared it to the original by Simon and Garfunkel, to the Righteous Brothers. Each version was so beautifully awesome in its own way.

You'll Never Walk Alone

I also listened to Elvis singing You will Never Walk Alone, which was richly beautiful. To this I compared the versions by Tom Jones and David Lennard. A version I had not remembered was by the Righteous Brothers.

the Righteous Brothers

David Lennard,
Lennard posted, "I'd like to dedicate this song to all the families who lost loved ones in the Malaysian plane disasters."

Elvis Presley

Tom Jones

In these videos, it is hard to choose between Elvis and Tom Jones. Both are so awesome. I did rediscover the reason Elvis is considered The King in listening to his mellow tones. Jones is very passionate and equally marvelous, however. Their arrangements are slightly different.

Thank you, Rogers and Hammerstein!

Sounds of Silence

Of course I had to listen to Simon and Garfunkle doing Sounds of Silence, which led me to discover Passenger doing his updated version. 

Musical Lyrics are Poetry

There is something so perfect in the versions that made the original hit lists. But in all cases, the other versions were wonderful in their way. It is ultimately the song itself that lives on. Do we give enough credit to songwriters?

This is just a short list of the songs I listened to in my explorations.

Classical Music and Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture, like musical classics, will be with us for many years to come. Pieces might be repurposed, refurbished, or even repainted. But the beauty of the original lines, of the grain of the wood, the functionality of the piece--just like the beauty of the poetry and melody of great songs--will shine through. 

Music at Mertie's This and That

Get vintage music, furniture and accessories at Mertie's This and That. Mertie's has a piano that is frequently played by visitors and is for sale. This small piano, and the small piano chair, is perfect for an apartment or beach house.  Mertie's also has used music CDs, including vintage gospel and Christmas music.

'til next time!~Valerie