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Monday, November 3, 2014

Cooking for the Holidays

Some Holiday Recipes 


Roasted Turkey  © ehaurylik -

Turkey and dressing are the staple dishes for each family gathering of the Holiday Season.  Traditionally, these are accompanied by sweet potato casserole, pecan pie, and more calorie-loaded dishes. This sweet potato-cranberry casserole is a healthier choice than the recipes calling for lots of butter and brown sugar. Toss a few marshmallows on each serving, if you must.

Vegetables in Casserole Dish © ehaurylik -
Winter vegetables are another staple of the Fall and Winter meals. I have been trying roasted vegetables. Slices of butternut or banana squash roasted with a bit of pork rub spice are delicious and surprisingly sweet.  Just spray or toss with vegetable oil, season to taste, and bake. Time of baking depends on how thickly cut you slice the vegetable.  At 350, a thin slice will bake in 20 min. Then there are the zuchini chips, a recipe easily used with other squashes.  Cauliflower, carrots, even sweet potatoes are good as roasted vegetables. I will roast them with potatoes. I have heard that turnips are good this way, too.

My favorite zuchini recipe is sauteed zuchini slices piled with slivers of heated ham and shredded cheddar cheese. A dollop of sour creme enhances the flavor. If you want a crispy crunch, serve on toast or toasted English muffin, which can be buttered--if you can use the calories.

Vegetable fritters are another favorite of mine. This basic cauliflower fritter is a bit different from mine. I use pancake mix, dried mashed potato mix, cornmeal, shredded cheese, maybe an egg, seasonings, water and chopped cauliflower or other vegetable (corn, zuchini, squash, whatever), with sometimes adding chopped almonds. I fry this in vegetable oil. It is delicious with a touch of sour cream or honey mustard. Ratios of dry ingredients are about equal, with slightly less cornmeal with about equal dry ingredients to vegetables. Pork seasoning is a good spice for this. Yep, I just throw it together and hope it is as good this time as it was last time.  Goes great with bits of leftover meat.

Serve your Holiday Recipes in Style 


Charming Country Cups and Casserole at Mertie's This and That

Make your holiday table special with different serving dishes and centerpieces. You can get vintage platters and china at Mertie's This and That to serve your holiday dishes. You can also get centerpieces of living or silk plants. Demitasse cups for coffee with desert and more will make it easy to plan a beautiful table. Vintage carnival glass or sandwich glass bowls and vases will hold the greenery and fruit so essential for Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating. There are even some ornaments.
Tea Set and Demitasse Cups
are Available at
Mertie's This and That

Vintage sandwich glass, milk glass, and carnival glass are at Mertie's This and That. Use them for the greenery and ornaments when you decorate for the holidays. Artificial greenery and flowers are here too.

There are even dutch ovens and pyrex dishes for the cooking of your holiday meal.

China cups at Mertie's This and That

Vintage Sandwich Glass and Carnival Glass Vases and Bowls
at Mertie's This and That

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