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Monday, October 6, 2014

Stuff for Sale: Recycle, Repurpose, Refurbish, Redesign, Reuse

What do the Shabby Ole Barn, Garage Sale Junkiee, Ramblin Rose, Farmhouse Salvage and Mertie's This and That have in Common?

Quite a bit, actually, do these 5 shops have in common. They all resale stuff, from furniture to kitchenware; from solid metal to softest fur or leather. These 5 shops all sell vintage items, even antiques. But the source of their items varies a bit.

Red chair, antique side table,
framed print and silk flowers
at Mertie's This and That
Merite's This and That shops garage sales and estate sales to find quality used items. Often, vintage and antique items make their way to her store. For Mertie, the items she locates must be in quality condition when she buys them. She will do a little sprucing up, but nothing major. She has been known to bond glassware items into an artistic plant pot or cake tray, to replace a screw or hammer a new nail in place, to polish old wood with Old English. However, for Mertie, what she buys is what you get.

Not so for the ladies at the Shabby Old Barn or Garage Sale Junkiee. These ladies gamble on the future beauty and usefulness of old items. They will strip a wooden piece and restain or repaint it. They will paint designs on it. They will combine pieces into something totally new. They will also sell items "as is."
These chairs and side table are at Farmhouse Salvage

Now the owner of Ramblin Rose Antiques gets her items in a totally different way. She travels to antique markets for most of her stock. The owner of Farmhouse Salvage rips her items from the buildings she helps salvage. Each of these stores will buy from a few local individuals who bring items in to sell. Farmhouse Salvage also carries repurposed and redesigned items from local artisans on consignment. Ramblin Rose will buy only if the item is salable and offered at a price that makes it profitable to sell.

Ramblin Rose is ready for Christmas with Santas, Dolls, and Toys
The owner of The Shabby Old Barn will rip items from a room that she is redesigning or redecorating. Other sources are known to her, but not to me, except for the next source.

That source is sometimes the Garage Sale Junkiee. The Garage Sale Junkiee is part of a team of estate sale ladies. These ladies frequently place their clients items in a massive yard sale that opens days early for local antique and resale dealers and as scheduled for the general public. In fact, they are holding a large yard sale just outside Brazoria, to the southwest on Hwy521, later this week. (See flier below.)

And if that weren't enough, Garage Sale Junkiee buys the contents of abandoned storage units.
A few Wooden Items in The Shabby Old Barn

Bottom line, among the inventory carried by each of these shops are gems, treasures of bygone days that are still perfect for giving that polished look to a home or office; of creating that look you seek whether it be shabby chic, rustic, country casual, elegant or highly sophisticated. You might not find the look of punk rock or heavy metal, but the comfort of yesterday is easily reproduced. And at a couple of these places will be the occasional old, non-running car or pick-up truck. In fact, Ramblin Rose currently has a turn-of-the-19th-century car battery in its original wood casing!
Garage Sale Junkiee recently placed the items in shop in Rosenberg

The last 2 thing in common between these 5 shops that I will mention now is that they are all featured in the website Antiquing Brazoria County (see Directory for addresses, phone numbers and a quick link to website's shop page for each store) and they are all located near highways that will take you from Houston to the Texas Coast. Visit these shops on the way to the beach, whether it be the beaches of Galveston Island or Quintana and Surfside via Freeport, TX.

Be sure to visit for hours, phone numbers, and addresses.  

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