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Monday, September 15, 2014

Anouncing the Website "Antiquing Brazoria County"

Why would Mertie's This and That announce a website on antiquing?

A little background

The beginning of the Mertie's This and That page in
Antiquing Brazoria County website
Mertie's This and That sells antique and vintage items among the upscale resale furniture and household items. So when other antique sellers in the area formed a group to promote the antique and vintage market here in Brazoria County, TX, Mertie was one of the first to join.

Thanks to Vic Penuel and Jeter's Old World Antiques in Angleton, TX, one of the benefits of group membership is a place in the website "Antiquing Brazoria County."

The goal of the group is to encourage shoppers to explore the Brazoria County market. There are many small businesses in our county that are not well known, some in out of the way places. The website provides a directory of shops and showcases the unique nature of each member's shop.

For some members, that means a booth in an antique mall. For some that will be a shop like Mertie's This and That. Some sell from their homes and are locally known for their skilled "repurposing of vintage items;" for them that will be a "by appointment only" listing, but still a page with pictures to show what the buyer can expect. This is a website full of pictures of the store layouts and likely item types to be had.

Now don't forget, the actual inventory has a rapid turn-over and newly obtained items will be vastly different finds. After all, how often do you expect to see the same table for sale every time you enter a vintage shop?

Where is Mertie's mentioned in the "Antiquing Brazoria County" website?

Mertie's This and That is actually mentioned on 3 pages of the website: on the Brazoria page, in the Directory, and on the Mertie's This and That page. Take a look and be sure to tell Mertie what you think when you stop by.

So what is happening in the store these days?
This area of Mertie's This and That is
filled with vintage glassware, knickknacks,
dresser and table

One constant in Mertie's This and That is change. The beautiful items she has in stock are "here today and gone tomorrow." The unusual Coca Cola table and chairs she brought in last month are already sold. She replaced it with a gorgeous wooden dining table and chair set, but I do believe those are to be taken away this week.

There are a few child rockers and some large Mexican planters left. Some of the potted plants are still available. There has been much turnover, but you can still find vintage glassware, kitchen utensils, pots and pans, southwestern crosses, tapestries, art prints, furniture, clothing, gifts and so much more. And there are still comfortable chairs by the front door for sitting, relaxing and visiting for a spell.

Wicker and dolls in an area of Mertie's This and That

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