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Monday, August 18, 2014

Decorating for Small Spaces

How do you Keep an Active Lifestyle in a Small Space?


Beautiful Living Room
©zhu difeng - #60119124

I looked at some online sites to get  ideas for decorating in small spaces. From what I saw and read, I came up with a list of suggestions--techniques, if you like, used by the room designers.

I located an example. Notice the mostly monochromatic color scheme with pops of color. Note the mixture of styles and textures. The rug and plants  anchor  the room with color and texture. Storage is in the cabinets and bookshelves, the coffee table, and end tables. There is a small collection of bottles on the mantle. If you look carefully, you will see color in the throw pillows and in the items on the bookshelves.

Today I post  7 of the suggestions that seem to apply most frequently.  From my reading of the list, I could personalize the room with subtle wall hangings and prints if one is careful. I can imagine drinking coffee in this room using a china tea service and picking up candy from a Fenton candy dish. I can imagine fresh flowers in classic Indiana sandwich glass or carnival glass vases.

7 Tips for Decorating in Small Spaces

  1. Use versatile, multifunctional pieces geared to the activities you plan to do in the room and capable of storing supplies.
  2. Use furniture that is proportional to the room, ie, small pieces with a mix of styles.
  3. Create a focal point using color --  a larger furniture piece, a deeper hue or pop of contrasting color or a wall hanging with greater presence; plan the room around that point.
  4. Plan how the room will be used and how best to arrange it for all activities planned, while maintaining some empty floor space and a smooth traffic flow.
  5. For storage, along the wall use tall built-in cabinets, bookshelves, & shelves; use furniture with built-in storage spaces; use decorative boxes and baskets placed on shelves and under surfaces like stairs, benches and beds.
  6. Use neutral colors in various hues, blending disparate styles by painting and upholstering furniture and walls in a mostly monochromatic color scheme with a few pops of color in the accents; frame the room with trim and ceiling in shades of white.
  7. Group vases, bottles, figurines, and collections on shelves, or in a tray or shadowbox to make collages of visual interest while minimizing the clutter.

Find Items for Small Rooms at Mertie's This and That


I know I have said it before, but it bears repeating. You can furnish and decorate an entire home from Mertie's This and That. Take a look at these items below. Aren't they perfect for small rooms? Or even for updating tired rooms?

Here's the thing. Mertie looks for items that are easily transported in a van or pickup truck, if larger furniture; or a car if not. She looks for items that fit into small rooms like those in garden homes and apartments, even trailers. She shops for upscale, well cared for items, ready to be used and enjoyed.

You get the advantage of placing items in your home that have the patina of belonging, of having been there for ages; yet are fresh and interesting because you are not yet used to them.

Small Furniture at Mertie's This and That (Items are not pictured to scale)

More Small Furniture at Mertie's This and That. (Again, not to scale)

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