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Monday, July 7, 2014

Plant a Vertical Plant Wall

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What is a Vertical Plant Wall?

An example of the Vertical Garden
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In design shows and gardening shows on TV and and posts on Facebook I have seen many wall gardens. Some are quite beautiful. Some are designed to clean the air indoors. If potted with mosquito-inhibiting plants at the edge of a patio, think of the comfort!

The idea is to place containers into a wall panel or a section of fencing and grow vegetables and other small plants in the containers. Remember window boxes? These are 4-5 tiers of boxes. Plastic rain gutters have been suggested as possible boxes in which small  plastic pots can be placed. Hanging the pots individually on the wall in a geometric or abstract pattern has also been suggested. Using unusual, recycled and repurposed items are used to make unique gardens.

Get Unique and Vintage Containers for your Plant Wall 


 At Mertie's This and That in Brazoria, TX, you can get unsual planters, vintage containers, and plants for your vertical garden, whether planted indoors or outside.  Take a look at what is available.

Plants in pot on a bench at Mertie's
Available at Mertie's
Can you design a unique vertical garden that expresses your creativity? Would you rather just place plants and outdoor decor on a metal shelf?

Example of available plants at Mertie's This and That

More plants and pots at Mertie's This and That

Outdoor decor at Mertie's this and That
Look for items that can hang on the plant wall alongside the plants. Get benches and tables to put neat the vertical garden. These items, too, are sold at Mertie's This and That.
Just some of the
dozens of flower pots at
Mertie"s This and That

Glassware and plant stands are all waiting to be repurposed in unique ways. Get these from Mertie's This and That


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