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Monday, June 16, 2014

Get Ready for Summer Weddings, Grand Events, and other Parties

What to Wear

For that special event when you want a dress to wear only once, why not search an upscale used clothing shop. Mertie's This and That offers some beautiful, timeless, party dresses and mother-of-the-bride dresses worn so few times as to seem brand new. Hats and purses are available, too.

Look for casual wear and jewelry at Mertie's This and That.

Decorating for a Party

Vintage glassware can be used to decorate for a party, both inside and out. You will pay so little for it that it becomes almost disposable, except that it is beautiful to throw out. There are some pieces that I will keep for years because it gives me pleasure to look at it on the shelf.

Try your hand at using the glassware to create a unique centerpiece for the table. Mix and match. Serving dishes work equally well inside and out.

Much of the vintage glassware is currently on sale.  Be sure to shop both sides of the store!

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