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Monday, May 19, 2014

Where to Put all that Stuff

Storage Solutions for That Stuff

Part of the heralding of Spring is Spring Cleaning. Part of Spring Cleaning is
A Storage Chair
relocating stuff so the home is once again ready to collect more. So cliche, but true.

For some people, stuff is stored in the attic; for others the garage; and then some store stuff in rented storage units. If you are like me, you want the stuff to stay close to hand.

Hence, I look for containers that will hide stuff in plain sight. Or containers that make a stored item part of the decor.

 Now where can you find unique and beautiful containers for storing stuff? You guessed it. Mertie's This and That. And some of the stuff is on sale. Can't beat that.

Try under-the-chair storage. Or place an old bookcase headboard, double-bed size,  alongside a twin bed (Yes, alongside, turning a bed into a daybed-couch.) for storage and a structure to place a long pillow against.
Imagine this behind the length of a bed.
Add the matching dresser as a another storage container. It can sit across from the bed and double as a TV stand.

Need a dresser? There are some great wooden dressers at Mertie's This and That.  And take a look at the trunks and baskets!

Painted trunk. Goes well with headboard.
But for decorating using stored items, try open bookcases and shelves. For china, try wall
 hangers for plates. I have even thought of putting pot lids in pretty plate hangers.  For outside storage, use benches for shelves; and of course, metal and wood shelves.

 Remember the curio cabinets? These are still perfect for displaying your collections.

Mertie's has porcelain boxes, baskets, shelves, and more. Check it out. Visit soon. 

Oh, and don't forget to look at the music rack on the piano. How many books of sheet music can be stored there, huh? Also, count the used books on the bookshelves. These are selling at a great price!

Benches perfect for sitting, but used to store potted plants in decorative pots

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