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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Gifts for Spring: Scented Candles and Embroidered Items from Nina's Market

Nina's Market Sells Bebe's Unique Applique and Embroidery Designs as well as Hand-Finished Scented Wax Products

A few of the gift ideas at Nina's Market


A Craft Artisan in Angleton, TX


I recently discovered a new artisan on my travels through the back roads of Brazoria County, TX. Bebe of Nina's Market, a shop she named after her daughter, makes and sells scented candles and air fresheners, embroidered baby towels and blankets, appliqued t-shirts and aprons, and prepared gift baskets. All items are either made by Bebe, or hand-finished by her.

Nina's Market Shop Hours
I asked her why she decided to open her shop, and she said because she wanted an outlet for her creativity, indulging her passion for self-expression. Before her recent retirement she had sold her items at craft fairs. She expanded her activities to a weekend shop. Now she opens her shop full time.

Bebe's Candles, Scented Waxes, Car Fresheners, Hand Sanitizers, Quilted Appliques, and Embroidered Items Can be Custom-Ordered


During my visit she showed me items in her store between trips to the workshop out back where she melts the waxes to which she adds her own scent formulations. At the back of the store is her work station where she crafts her embroidery and quilted applique designs.

Her best sellers, she claimed, are the car fresheners, which come in numerous shapes and scents. Another is her banana-and-wood-scented hand sanitizer sold in small bottles. The scent is called Monkey Fart but has a pleasant smell.

We talked about possible products and plans for the future.  Gift sets packaged for baskets and other small containers; custom orders for gift baskets, appliqued and embroidered items; candles and scents specially poured for unique containers; new formulations of scents--all ways to continue her creative self-expression.

Nina's Market is located at the corner of FM521 and CR44, just outside Angleton, TX.  Visit online at for more information.
This picture of Nina's Market products at a craft show. The mason jar candles, the scented waxes for warmers, the gift baskets, and auto fresheners are just a few of the items that can be found in the shop at FM 521 and CR 44.

Items at Mertie's This and That will Complement the Gifts from Nina's Market

Baskets, bowls, trays and more can be had at
This vintage print of cowboys on horses makes a
gift for a man that can be combined with a car freshener,
wax melt or scented candle with a spicy or woody scent.
Mertie's This and That.  At times there might even be a warmer among the kitchen goods. Use the tea towels from Nina's Market alongside the dishes and soap dishes from Mertie's. Add potted plants and paintings to the rooms in which scents of sandlewood or vanilla, among the many available, to create a soothing, welcoming atmosphere in your home.
Baskets waiting to be filled with Rag Dolls
and other gifts at Mertie's This and That.

Currently, selected glassware, wall hangings, pillows and more are on sale. 

Plants are re-potted and some are blooming. 

Many "new" items have been added. Shop soon, before that perfect find is sold to someone else! 

Express you own personal creativity in your reuse and re-purposing of these classic items from the resale shop that offers quality used items.

Some of the vintage glassware that will complement the candles.

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