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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Rockers and Dolls

A Raggedy Andy doll napping on a child's bench at Mertie's This and That

Thoughts about Collectibles


Still of Value


Lovely Victorian Collectible Doll
I love browsing through antique stores and resale shops. Often I find something I would like to have. Frequently, I look up the item or its type online. I peruse Google Images, EBay, Esty, antique directories and whatever I find on Google Search. One find leads to another until I have a sense of an item's worth.

What I have discovered is that people still collect all kinds of things. Sadly for those selling collectibles, the price has gone down with the Great Recession, a name applied on the radio last week to the last decade. However, prices seem to be coming back up, albeit slowly.

For people selling their valued items, the slow comeback in price might not be good news; but for those who want to collect, the time is right to begin or add to a cherished hobby.

Fenton vases
Me? I collect bird pictures and statuettes, and glassware. Some of my collections are for sale, some I cannot bear to part with. Yes, I add to my collections often. Right now Mertie's This and That has a large selection of Fenton, Indiana, and Imperial glassware. Be sure to look in both sections of the store.

Collectible Dolls


Adorable doll wearing
a hand-crocheted dress
sitting in a child's rocking chair.

Dolls I do not collect. But in looking at the dolls on-line this weekend, I noticed how expressive the faces of the classic dolls are. And the clothes are minor masterpieces of fashion. These dolls are adorable. Collectible dolls on eBay, Etsy, and other auction and sales sites are being offered from $12.00 to $200. Most on Etsy and eBay are offered for around $30.00-$75.00.

Another Lovely Doll in Blue.
This one will wink at you!
Mertie's This and That has collectible dolls scattered throughout the store. Several are dressed in the Victorian styles that make the dolls such a decorative item rather than a plaything. Some are just downright cuddly, like the rag dolls and teddy bears.

Tiffany, an Elsie Massey Victorian Doll
Is that a chaise lounge on
which she is reclining?
View Raggedy Ann and Andy in a previous post. 


One doll in particular is named Tiffany. Tiffany is an Elsie Massey Doll, verified by the tag hanging on her wrist. She wears a blue dress, in contrast to her twin found on eBay this weekend that is offered for $100 but wears a pink dress.

Elsie Massey, from what I could find on my quickly-done internet search, owned a manufacturing company here in the states that continued making--by hand--the Victorian hats and dresses first designed and made by her grandmother in England. The Elsie Massey website claimed that now her daughters help design and make the unique and original garments and hats.

However, the site's latest album of styles was for 2004. Also, although the Google Search description mentioned dolls, the website did not have any dolls in the catalogs. I did not register as a customer, so it is possible that there is information that I did not see.

Their alternate fashion line is Johnnie Fedora, a maker of T-shirts trimmed in lace, skirts to go with the shirts, and hats.


Rockin' for the Ages


Rocking chairs for all ages and sizes are now at Mertie's This and That. A recent find consists of rocking chairs for children and for larger dolls. There are also benches in a range of sizes.

Come and see. Sit awhile.

Find your favorite collectible.
Just some of the seats available at Mertie's This and That

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