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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Where Will you Put your Halloween Candy?

Do You know where your candy is?

What do these lampshades have
to do with Halloween? Read on
or make your own suggestions
in the comments.
I remember when Trick or Treat meant walking house to house in one's home neighborhood. By the time my children were going out on Halloween, parents were walking with their children. Then came the church and private parties to celebrate candy and costumes without having to walk increasingly dangerous streets.

Through it all, someone stayed home to man the candy dish for the few ghouls who showed up. Then people began using front lights as a sign that kids were welcome; lights off meant "No candy here."

Candy was passed out from paper bags, original candy bags or decorative bowls and baskets. I always appreciated those hosts that provided candy containers that suited the festive atmosphere of the night. The candy bowl often matched the costume of the person answering the door. This adult participation made the night so much more fun and memorable. I like to think the homeowner enjoyed our stopping by.

A pastel pot for a feminine candy dish

Time to Shop

Need a distinctive candy dish for your Halloween guests? Mertie's This and That has numerous items that can be re-purposed to hold candy. Add a folded-down bag or wax-paper lining--aluminum foil works well, too--and you will have a dish that suits the night and the theme of a costume.

Dressed up like Dances with the Stars, Barbie, or a Fairy-Tale Princess? Use one of these pastel, color-matched pots. After Halloween, just plant you favorite spring flowers in it. You can get your plants from Mertie's This and That, too.
A small garden cart for holding candy
dishes, plant pots, or coffee mugs.

This garden cart or that red table are perfect for holding your candy bowl. Other bowls or pots that are large enough to be Halloween candy dishes are plentiful, as are small tables.
A table to hold a candy dish for
Halloween or cookies for Santa

Maybe not useful as a small table, but
this wheelbarrow makes a distinctive candy dish.
Baskets work well to collect candy or organize the bags the children bring home. They work well as carriers for elven woodsmen and fairies, princesses, and Little Red Riding Hood...

Baskets for now and springtime
Shed some light on your doorway with this black-shaded lamp (below, right). You could make your own statement with those lampshades (above) that are just begging to be redesigned.

And look for over-sized shoes and hats for completing a costume, too.

Crystal lamp with a black fringed lampshade
Visit Mertie's This and That and let your imagination soar. Some sites to give you ideas are JunkMarket Style, and DIY Instructables.

Share your made-over Halloween favorites in the comments by Oct. 31, 2013. Be among the first 5 to mention this blog post to Mertie and receive a free gift.


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