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Monday, October 7, 2013

Reclaim, Restyle, Re-purpose

china plate as picture frame
 China Plate used as Photo Frame by Valerie; Posted on Junk Market Style
Vintage Glass adds Elegance to a Desk

What do you do with those thrift shop finds?

In this era of high cost and wood particle-board furniture, many shoppers are turning to garage sales and thrift stores for quality, real wood furniture and older china designs. Even kitchen supplies and flatware can be had inexpensively.

Today I have some suggestions for re-purposing, some examples of refinished furniture, and some items just waiting to be reclaimed. I will also mention some useful links. And, lastly, I interviewed an artisan.

We have seen many old china pieces and glassware at craft shows, restyled into birdfeeders or Western mugs.  China salad plates and saucers can be used as picture frames; this idea is posted on Junk Market Style, a site where hobbyist and artisans share their ideas for reworking junk into beautiful, useful pieces of decor for the home and the yard. I posted this use of a beautiful china plate several years back.

You can also give your desk or telephone station an elegant look by corraling items in trays and cups. The vintage goblet is perfect for thumbtacks and paperclips, while the veggie tray is just the right size for pens and pencils. Trays of this sort keep the writing utensils from rolling onto the floor, too.

Need wood furniture to refinish? There are several pieces at Mertie's This and That just waiting to be transformed. There are pieces that have already been hand-painted if you prefer, as well as a few that were initially made that way. There are ceramic items just begging to be hand-painted.
painted folding chair at Mertie's This and That
Painted by hand or factory? Examine it at Mertie's.

hand-painted dresser at Mertie's This and That
Get This Hand-Painted Dresser at Mertie's

dresser and ceramic duck at Mertie's This and That
Refinish the Dresser; Paint the Duck

The sale mentioned in a previous posting is still ongoing, minus the many items that have been sold. Mertie went shopping, too, and has added some beautiful items to her stock.

 Interview with a Local Artisan

 Local to Brazoria, TX, that is.

For today's theme I interviewed a local hobbyist/artisan. He locates pieces being sold at garage and estate sales and reclaims them, as he says, "With a Texas Attitude." His wife proudly claims that he can see a promising piece in a pile of junk and transform it into a jewel. Take a look a some examples of his pieces.

Dresser Restyled and Reclaimed by Donn Correll of Texas Attitude
Let me lead you through some of his effort:
hand-made drawer pulls
Correll's Unique Hand-made Drawer Pulls
  • note the long dresser/buffet (under the western blankets). 
  • He hand-made the southwestern trim on the bottom,  
  • designed and made drawer pulls,
  • added sofa legs to the piece, 
  • added the rope-like trim, 
  • and topped it with the shelf, another of his designs.
 The result is fine!

A more conventional treatment was given to the refinished dresser below. Only new hardware and a glorious stain was added--once the piece had been cleaned up.
refinished dresser at Texas Attitude
Dresser Reclaimed and Refinished at Texas Attitude

He sells his pieces from his family store on FM 316. Look for the Texas Attitude sign.

While there check out the stone-studded steer head. I took one look and burst out laughing. THIS is right up there with the armadillo holding the Coors can one occasionally sees along the Texas roadside. Pure Attitude--Texan Style!
blue stone-studded steer skull with horns
Stone-studded Steer Skull at Tx Attitude

I knew right then that I would make this his icon. See it in the side panel? I am putting it on my website, too, if he lets me.  But, you know these Texans...

Which icon do you like best for Donn?

Texas Attitude Creative 1
Button Icon #1
Texas Attitude Creative 2
Button Icon #2

These two pictures could be used to identify links to the artisan Donn Correll. Which one do you think best represents his work? Or should I get my artist husband to design a third one? Of course, I could just copy his sign on the street. Comments, anyone?

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  1. Donn pointed out that the deer head in blue stones was not a steer. My Bad.


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