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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Decorate with Quilts for a Comfortable Home

There is nothing cozier than snuggling under a quilt when a blanket would be just too much! Toss a small one across the back of a rocking chair or recliner. You can even hang a quilt on a wall for an interesting focal point. Quilts will help insulate an outer wall, much like the tapestries of old. Some  quilts are even like banners. A quilt will work to cover and insulate a window. Hang it behind the curtain or even use it as a curtain--just use heavier hardware and rods.

Quilts can be had at Mertie's This and That. In fact, they are currently on sale. Right now you can get quilts, lampshades, and curtains at 50% off. That's right, you can get those items that make a seating arrangement cozy; that make a guest room welcoming; that make a home comfortable.

Other Items on Sale Now at Mertie's This and That

During the End of Summer Sale you can find items throughout the store on sale from 10-50% off. In some cases, full categories of items are discounted. The images below show just some of the types of items you can get at these bargain prices.
Selected glassware is 20% off. 
  • Kitchen Items (excludes electrical items) ...Reduced 30%
  • Glassware (select items only) ...Reduced 20%
  • Candles ...Reduced 20%
  • Pillows, Quilts, & Curtains ...Reduced 50%
  • Books, with Cookbooks ...Reduced 50%
  • Wall Hangings: Crosses & Pictures ...Reduced 10%
  • Purses and Shoes ...Reduced 50%
Hurry! These won't last long! 
Perfect for Parties

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